Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review on Bazaar Fun for Kids

We were really had a greaatttt time and so much fun!! hehehe
The weather, the place, and the crowd were niceee ;)
We learned a lot from our first bazaar that day, how to deal with customer, our product's swot, and not to forget bring our own CHAIR!! hahahaha
Upcomng event will be better!! Yayyyy ^^

Thanks to ape-republic for his oh-so-touching efforts, great colaboration and great artwork, man!!

Enjoy and join our happiness friends ;)
Thank u so much for all of ur support

Friday, May 8, 2009

How to order?

If you want to order, you just need to do these simple steps ;)

Once you have decided the fabric and size you desired, you can email us at luvsummerberries@yahoo.com
along with your name, complete address (with Postal Code), and phone number or you can also simply text or call us at +628174880718 :D

We'll confirm your order in 24 hours and your order will be proceed as soon as you do your payment and confirm to us via email or phone, we'll give you the account information later, but we use BCA and also Paypal for foreign transaction as our payment provider ;)

We use JNE as our delivery service provider and you can get free shipping delivery for min purchase of 3 any kind items :D
You can see the fare here

Right after your order done, we'll confirm again to you to make a delivery right to your house!!

and that's a wrap!! hehehe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

summerberries feat. ape-republic on Bazaar Fun for Kids!!

Yaaayyy..It's our first bazaar!!
Mark ur calendar guys, 17 May 2009,3pm-9pm, at Benton Junction-Lippo Karawaci!!
Find cute Cushion, T-shirt, Plush, Painting/Artwork and more!!
I'll cu there ;)

PS : please click image to enlarge