Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review on Bazaar Fun for Kids

We were really had a greaatttt time and so much fun!! hehehe
The weather, the place, and the crowd were niceee ;)
We learned a lot from our first bazaar that day, how to deal with customer, our product's swot, and not to forget bring our own CHAIR!! hahahaha
Upcomng event will be better!! Yayyyy ^^

Thanks to ape-republic for his oh-so-touching efforts, great colaboration and great artwork, man!!

Enjoy and join our happiness friends ;)
Thank u so much for all of ur support


  1. loooveee the prints and the packaging graphic

  2. Thanksss SIG for dropping us by and give ur comment :D
    Yeahhh I knowww, I love it too hehe
    ape-republic designed it for me, he's the man behind :D
    u can visit him at www.ape-republic.com